what’s the difference…

…between having the post options panel on the left or the right? Silly, WordPress!

It’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since mom’s passing. She was ill for a year and 4 months. In many ways, our relationship was nothing like it used to be — obscured by the pangs of strokes, seizures and cancerous fogs — but she was here. Now there’s a make-shift shrine of cards and potted plants in the house. The sun-room is still overflowing with her personal items — dresses, skirts, pants, tops, hats, belts, shoes — most lightly worn, some barely worn, a few never worn. I really want it all gone. Besides, she’d have a fit not being able to enjoy the sun-room when the weather is turning.

I’m working on finishing up Olson and Land. It’s really interesting learning about how they executed the cognitive strategies (CS) approach to reading and writing through middle and high school in this cadre of students. I have a feeling that this will be a huge part of what my partner and I write about. Maybe we can document students’ impressions of the cognitive strategy in their learning. Bridging the affective and cognitive is always available in terms of research. No two students are alike. And they may provide valuable feedback on the affective implications of the CS.

I just noticed that WordPress shows the word count. My students like to ask how many words their essays should be. “Teacher, 200?!” HAHA! This post is, as of now, two-hundred and forty-five. This length would likely be a poor example of an academic five-paragraph essay.