the next article

…May have to be much shorter than that one I picked for this second week.

I actually have 20 essays (and their accompanying pre-writings) to evaluate and a job interview for which I have volunteered to drive 8 hours round-trip, thus biting into grading and blogging time.

On the bright side, I will meet up with three old friends over the weekend! And that is so good for the soul.

Another thing….

I need to really learn how to not lament my lot in life.

It is so very easy to look around at my peers and feel like a total mess if not simply a loser. There is the professional lamentation. I regularly find myself envying the (professional!) life of an old friend of mine who posts on Instagram. Not Instagram’s fault, and I’m proud of her work in international relations! But then there’s the simple fiscal inequities. I hate that I haven’t escaped the niggling notion that money would solve all of my problems. I  do need money in that unromantic, unfulfilling, crass way that we all do. I certainly would be up the creek if anything were to happen to my health. Hand-to-mouth is definitely not a socially expeditious way to live.

But I really do resent this reality.

I’ll get up and go, but 2257 can’t come fast enough. Beam me up, Scotty.

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