new direction

Not necessarily “new” but necessarily newly discovered and desired.


But I know that my attention span and chaotic approach (to some endeavors) might be problematic to that goal. I have been asking astute teachers (ie. friends) if they would like to join me in coauthoring a piece of research. Can’t say I’m getting much of a bite.

There’s been hemming and hawing over the length of the, as of now, completely imaginary piece. To me, that is something you decide after you’ve got a topic, done the research and planned the draft.

I have been asked about topics. Since I want to coauthor, I do not see how I can be the sole decision maker. I am interested in ESL composition/writing, technology and ideas of autonomy in the classroom, but I cannot get married before I have met the groom.

Someone brought up publishers. I don’t have a paper yet! And there are plenty. It is useful to know submission guidelines, but not now, before I even know what I’m talking about. I am not obsessing over editors — I’m writing to colleagues.

Maybe I am being too nonchalant about those three issues, but I don’t see how I can be a hardliner either. What I do know is that I can’t wait for these colleagues forever. If they aren’t interested, I would much prefer that response.

To get the creative juices flowing, I will make this into my academic review blog. I will simply read one (two if I’m lucky) ESL articles a week and write a review.

Well. Hop to it.

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