I am no longer pursuing the PC.

The position was listed as “Primary Education Teacher Trainer”, but the description was  typical of all ESL positions offered by the PC, and did not list any particular “training” activities. I chalked this up to the tendency for their descriptions to be vague.

When I interviewed, I most certainly interviewed as someone fervently seeking a teacher TRAINER position. I mentioned this numerous times, explaining how excited I was to grow my experiences into the training/back channel side of education, to give teachers the training I always thought was needed, etc.

I was never corrected.

So imagine my surprise when, after asking for a more specific description of “Teacher Trainer”, my placement officer told me to not be “thrown off” by the title.

THROWN OFF by a very specific job title of a very specific role?

No, I would simply be co-teaching primary kids English . There is no overt leadership/trainer aspect of the job (other than what I would bring to it in extracurricular activities).

I told the placement officer, “Unfortunately, while I am still so very much interested in the mission of the PC, I am not interested in returning to teaching primary school EFL classes”.

At some point in my life, I have to stop making lateral moves. Going back to that type of work, even with a chance at a government job afterwards, is not wise, and more importantly, would be terribly unfulfilling.

Thankfully, through my research, I came across a RPCV who did admit that their job descriptions are often vague and, on occasion, misleading.

I am certain that the placement officer is disgruntled by my withdrawal. Once these behemoth bureaucratic cranks start turning to onboard someone, grinding them to a stop and attempting to fill the spot with someone else has got to be an ordeal. However, I, too, spent precious time and money gathering documents and getting medical examinations and preparing myself socially, financially and emotionally for a 27 month sacrifice.

Oh well. At least I stopped the process before medical clearance. They’ve still got 5 months.


I have an odd sense of release and relief. I am making plans to improve myself professionally, take courses, training, reading more, less Facebooking, more exercising and creating, writing, helping….

I am ultimately at peace.

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